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Tecnovia Angola strengthens know-how in Airport Works

Works in progress at Dundo Airport, Lunda Norte province, Angola, reinforces Tecnovia Angola's expertise in airport works, where it has already carried out similar work at the airports of Luanda, Malanje, Uige and Cabinda. 10.07.2017 Since the end of April 2017, Tecnovia Angola has been running for Zagope Angola - Construction and Engineering, S.A., works on the Dundo Airport Runway. With a 90-day execution period, the works consist of the execution of the paving, the execution of infrastructures, the drainage network and the execution of horizontal signaling. The pavement with hot bituminous mixtures in four (4) layers makes up about 50,000 tons of bituminous mixtures, which will be produced by Tecnovia Angola with its own means. The infrastructures works consist of the execution of a duct bank, materialized in tubing of corrugated PVC, placed in ditch, and wrapped in fluid cement soil. These technical pipelines are structures destined to the passage of electrical wiring necessary for the luminous signage of the track. Horizontal signaling will be performed on the lane, board and taxi-way. See below for some photos of the ongoing project