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Dredger "Baixio" reinforces Tecnovia's ability to carry out Maritime works

350 Tecnovia Baixio 1The dredger BAIXIO, one of the most recent Tecnovia's acquisitions, has increased the capacity of the Group to carry out maritime works, with own means, in the dredging and extraction of sand.


 The Draga BAIXIO vessel presents the following main characteristics:


Type: Dredge of suction and repulsion

Construction: 1982, reconstruction in 2001, major overhaul in 2009, repair in 2017 (Techno with internal resources)

Length: 71 m

Beam: 12 m

Hull depth: 4.25 m

Gross tonnage: 1251T

Speed loaded: 9 knots

Dregde Capacity/size of the hopeer: 1200 m3

Dredging Depth: 30 m

Tecnovia, through its own resources, carried out a major intervention in the "BAIXIO" in Madeira in 2017, namely the replacement of all the cargo hold sheet which showed corrosion, repairs to the friction clutch that drives the suction pump, automation of the sewage system, cleaning of drainage pipes, review of all engines with zinc replacement, repair of the electrical installation, repair and painting of the excavator used for unloading, repairing and changing floors in staterooms and the painting of the whole ship.

The vessel left Caniçal in Madeira for the island of Flores, where it docked on June 30 2017.

Currently it is in this Azores island, to carry out work of dredging and extraction of sands to supply the needs for the maritime works that Tecnovia Açores has on the islands of Flores and Corvo.

Tecnovia increases therefore its capacity for  executing maritime works and contracts, one of the areas where it has great experience and know-how.

640 Tecnovia Baixio

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